Am all for Progress not Perfection!

Good morning beautiful Leaders of CBWN, Am so thankful we all made it to the end of the year. In my heart I still mourn my sister Hajia Hafsatu Yusuf but I know I have no right to query God the one who gives and takes. All power belongs to him alone!!!

As Leaders, we know our job is to change the order of things for the better.
We know the status quo is powerful and it’s hard to change the way things are.
We know people are often afraid of change – even when they believe it’s necessary or desirable – and so resistance always exists.
As Leaders we know we cannot accomplish change or solve a festering problem alone but must also depend on others accepting and driving change with them.

Balance is the art of leadership. So true leaders balance their aspiration with realism and their strength with humility. They set the bar high and then strive for progress, not perfection.

So in 2022 let us set the bar high and place CBWN among the most sort after organizations where corporate governance and all the objectives of the organization outweigh our personal needs.

From my desk, as the VC I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year!!!!

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