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About Us

The Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (CBWN) is the only accredited organization focused on women’s economic empowerment and recognized by 54 governments.

CBWN Nigeria is a CBWN National Leadership Ground Partner for Nigeria. It is pioneered by the Charter of the Commonwealth (2013), signed by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll, Head of the Commonwealth on Commonwealth Day 2013 and endorsed by ‘Commonwealth Heads of Government during Australia’s term as Chair-in-Office’.

Upcoming Events

CBWN Nigeria Christmas Charity

Business Start-Up Champions for the Youths

Leadership Academy

Join a community of business women with access to 54 Commonwealth countries; no borders and boundaries!

Whether you are a Start-Up, SME or part of a corporate business and looking to develop your business or career there is plenty of support. Your CBWN Nigeria membership will offer your business global opportunities and the power to grow within our network. 

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Conference 2019

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Sunday to Wednesday
April 24 to 04, 2019


Who's Speaking

Main Discussions

SaasLand Visual Studio

The Impact of Event Marketing

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Venue Infos

Mirpur 1620 Collins Street West
Victoria 406 New York

Contact Info
Thank you for your interest in The Commonwealth Businesswomen Network Nigeria. We hope you will gain insight into our organization through this website.

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Plot 27 Block 74 Emmanuel Abimbola Street , along Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1. Lekki Lagos. Nigeria


+2347052659902, +2349131951529

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