There are so many reasons to be a proud female leader. But when too much emphasis is placed on the qualifier, that’s where the issues lie.

Our sex shouldn’t be a qualifier in everything we do. Doing so reaffirms the problematic social and scientific view that “male” is default and “female” is a deviation. It’s long past the time women should be recognized on par with male leadership.

So today, I am simply echoing the calls from the multitude of women pleading to be viewed as what we are: smart, established and developed leaders. Leaders who, due to how societal expectations are structured, likely had to work harder to get where we are today. Leaders who are no less worthy of respect or importance than our male counterparts.

I wish us all an amazing and fruitful week.

Mrs. Ngozi Oyewole,
Vice Chairperson,
CBWN Nigeria

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